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I think of my process, in both the stills and moving images I make, as a story of creation. For me photography is about embracing all subject matter. What I see through the lens is an image whether the genre is fashion, music, lifestyle, stills or film.  It’s about bringing an energy to each shoot; building a joyful, productive interaction between the client, the subject, the creative team and the camera lens. A shoot team should be a coalition and I apply that thought process throughout the variety of images and themes my work encompasses. 

Compelling light, energy and imbuing my subjects with their own power, that’s the aim and theme that ties what I do into a collection of work that reflects my personal photographic style: From shooting menswear on indie rock stars, reportage style women’s editorial, music videos, strong commercial beauty and lifestyle projects or travel images for niche motorcycle brands who tune in to my other great passion, bikes.

Having my own production company means that alongside the image capture I can be involved from the foundation of a shoot upwards. Production values are a key part of the journey; from breaking down the creative brief, casting, story boarding, location hunting and grooming elements, tight, personalised production enables me to tell the best story possible. 

My studio sessions always feature one other element – Lucille, my small but scene stealing Boston Terrier. In fact she has her own successful modelling career, and online presence. As her agent would put it “she’s kind of a big deal”.


I studied at the creative melting pot that is Central St. Martin’s College where many of my contemporaries went on to become names in the styling, art and fashion worlds. It was a very inspiring place to start out and I had a passion for life drawing and portraits, really studying a face or body as a subject. I started photographing these subjects for reference, but the photographic process soon took over and became my main focus and fascination. 

It felt unequivocally natural for me and as I tried to encapsulate people’s essence through the lens it caught the attention of the College’s fashion department, who looked to push my passion in that direction. This provided a new means of experimenting with imagery and growing how I saw and viewed subject matter. 

With this newfound love for photography, I was keen to develop the technical side and build my expertise so I joined The London College of Fashion studying styling and photography. It lead on to assisting some of the biggest names in fashion and beauty, including Rankin, Nick Knight, & Clive Arrowsmith and ultimately setting me on my path of becoming a photographer.